Every woman at some point has compared their looks to another woman. (“I wish I had her hair”, “I want her body”) Sometimes, even I do in my own thoughts although I really try to avoid it (especially with my skin and the fact that I don’t have Venus dimples). But how can we as women ever love and accept ourselves if we’re so busy comparing ourselves to other women? A lot of people blame men for this but in my experience women perpetuate it way more than men do. Women have this mentality that all women are competition and anyone who is “prettier” is deemed a threat. This is how body shaming works. A woman sees a pretty woman and assumes she’s some kind of threat and automatically hates her, calls her a slut, says she’s “really not that pretty”, or any other forms of hatred formed from jealousy. It’s time we stopped thinking like this. I urge women to find the beauty in their own looks instead of comparing. Comparing is a poisonous habit and instead of making comparisons I want every woman that sees this to think of 5 things they love about their looks. I want every woman to look in the mirror and look at all the POSITIVE things they see! That’s why I’m uploading this because I saw myself in the mirror and was like “damn, I’m hot! I want other people to feel this way when they see themselves.” If you have flaws that can’t be changed, then quit dwelling on them and learn to accept that they are a part of you. And when you see a woman that’s pretty, stop thinking “I want to be her” or “fuck her” and just recognize her as a pretty person! It’s okay that pretty women exist, it doesn’t mean you’re not absolutely beautiful! Everyone is. Stop comparing and start empowering. 🙂

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